Raspberry Eton Mess

Raspberry Eton mess is a rustic and easy dessert. It's made of whipped cream, raspberry sauce, and crushed meringue cookies that are swirled together and topped with fresh raspberries.

Though not traditional, I add on a little shaved chocolate too!

It's a very quick dessert if you use store-bought meringues, but you can make your own too!

Fresh berries or frozen can be used. The raspberries are macerated in some sugar first to soften them and release their juices. Then they are mashed a bit into a rustic sauce, with plenty of pieces of raspberry remaining.

Whip heavy cream until soft peaks form. Swirl through the raspberry sauce and crushed meringue pieces.

Divide it over 4 serving glasses and add on a few fresh raspberries and extra meringue pieces.

A little shaved dark chocolate is delicious too! Serve immediatly

See the link for the full recipe!