This sourdough pizza dough recipe uses a sourdough starter to create the most delicious pizza crust. It makes 2 large pizzas.

The night before, mix all the sourdough pizza dough ingredients together in a large bowl into a shaggy and sticky dough. 

Cover the bowl with a sealed lid, a beeswax wrap, or compostable plastic wrap to stop the top of the dough drying out. Leave it to sit at room temperature overnight

To shape the sourdough pizza dough, take one dough ball and place it on a piece of floured parchment paper on a work surface

Use floured hands to gently press the dough out into an 8inch/20cm circle. Press the dough outwards so there is a thick crust around the pizza base.

Pizza is best when cooked really hot and really fast. If using a home oven, turn it up to as hot as it can go (usually that's about 250-260°C/482-500°F).