Strawberry Comopote

Strawberry Comopote

This easy strawberry compote recipe is made with fresh or frozen strawberries and cooked into a thick sauce.

It's a great addition on top of ice cream, french toast, chia pudding, cakes, yogurt, and more.

Use a paring knife to remove the top green leafy part of the strawberries and roughly chop them into pieces. If you like a very chunky compote, keep them as large pieces.

Combine the strawberries in a medium saucepan over low heat, sugar, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt.

Cook over low heat while the juices of the strawberries start to release. Stir at regular intervals as the strawberries come to a simmer.

Once simmering, over low-medium heat, cook the strawberries for around 15-20 minutes, stirring regularly with a wooden spoon.

Cook until the strawberries have broken down and the sauce has thickened. Frozen strawberries will take a little longer as they have extra moisture.

Remove it from the heat.  Let it cool down to room temperature, pour it into a clean glass jar, and store it in the refrigerator until needed.

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