Sweet Strawberry & Lemon Rolls

A fluffy lemon scented brioche base, filled with a sweet strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting. A great thanksgiving breakfast!

The base

The base of the rolls is brioche, an enriched dough with so much flavor! It's easiest to make a bench mixer but can be done by hand.

The fillling

The filling is made up of strawberries, cornstarch, lemon juice and sugar. Use fresh or frozen strawberries!

The fillling

Spread the filling onto the brioche dough and roll it up nice and tightly. You can use dental floss to then cut even slices.


Place them in a baking dish or cast-iron pan and let them rise and puff up. Then it's time to bake!


Once baked, spread the still warm strawberry rolls with cream cheese frosting. The warmth will make the frosting easy to spread and coat the rolls.


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