Brioche Cinnamon Rolls

A brioche dough makes the best homemade cinnamon rolls. So soft and fluffy

Brioche dough itself isn’t overly sweet, so it pairs very well with the cinnamon sugar filling and the sticky sweet cream cheese glaze.

The brioche dough is a very sticky dough, to begin with. There is a large number of eggs and butter present and this extra fat and moisture mean gluten development in the dough is slow. It's best to use a bench mixer

The dough needs 15-20 minutes of mixing to create the gluten structure that’s necessary for a strong and elastic dough.

Mix the dough and let it rise (overnight in the fridge for best flavor!) Fill with butter and cinnamon sugar and roll them up and slice.

Let them rise again until puffy and doubled in size. Then bake until browned

Smother the still warm rolls with sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting.  Swipe up for the full recipe!