The Best Garlic Bread Bites

The Best Garlic Bread Bites

Fluffy individual garlic bread bites coated in garlic butter and fresh herbs.

These garlic bread bites are so easy to make by hand! They make the perfect appetizer.

Combine milk, water, yeast and sugar in a bowl. Add flour and salt and mix into a shaggy dough.

Knead into a smoother dough, then add in a few cubes of room temperature butter.

Knead the dough again until it is smooth and strong, around 5-7 minutes.

Let it rise in a warm spot until it is puffed up high and doubled in size.

Shape the dough into 20-25 mini balls and place them in a baking tray.

Let them rise until puffy and doubled in size.

While the bites are rising, simmer butter and minced garlic cloves together.

Brush the risen buns with about 1/3 of the garlic butter . Then bake.

Bake until golden then brush with the remaining garlic butter.

Sprinkle over chopped fresh parsley and flaky salt.

The buns are best fresh but can store well for up to 3 days at room temperature or be frozen for up to 3 months

They are so good! Click the link below for the recipe as well as other easy and delicious recipes!