About Me

I’m Elien Lewis , the face behind this blog. I am a self-taught baker, author, and food photographer. You will find me spending most of my days either recipe testing in the kitchen, photographing food in my living room, or out in the garden.

Where it started

I’ve been blogging for around 7 years now, but making food from scratch has been a passion forever! I’m originally from Belgium, so a love of chocolate, Belgian waffles and bread is pretty much in my blood!

My mom always encouraged my baking when I was young. She never minded that I turned the kitchen upside down to practice. I am so so grateful to have had that chance to explore and experiment.

I started food blogging to document my favorite recipes, look back on them, and share them with others. Since starting blogging, I have been able to work on my photography, too. I love working on my passion every day! It’s so much fun creating recipes with step-by-step instructions, to empower you to bake from scratch at home.  Today, I’m a proud mom to two amazing boys. They’re my taste testers and are always ready with eager forks and honest opinions.

Explore My Other Passions

When I’m not creating on Baking with butter, I’m over on HomegrownHappiness where I share sourdough recipes, healthy salads, soups, and more! Or on Mint and Twist, sharing fresh and fun drink ideas.

My Books

In 2021, I released my first book, ‘Homegrown Happiness‘, through my HomegrownHappiness blog. It merged practical gardening advice with delicious recipes and cooking tips. Alongside these, I’ve published eBooks on sourdough baking, for anyone keen on mastering the art of sourdough. Check out my Sourdough Ebooks.

Let’s Connect

I love hearing from you! Whether it’s a comment, an email, or a message on social media. Here’s where you can find me!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at elien(at)bakingwithbutter.com.

Work with me

I am the only author on this page so I do not accept guest posts.

However, I love working with companies of products that I use and respect. I love letting my readers and viewers know about these products too. 

Creating new recipes and photography is a big passion of mine. Please contact me if you want me to create a recipe for your brand or company. 

For my Media Kit, recipe development, freelance work, or other ideas, please contact me elien(at)bakingwithbutter.com

side view of gingerbread doughnuts in a silver pan.